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M6X12 DIN71752 A2 - Norway

2021-09-20 - We would like an offer with both price and delivery time for 11 pcs of: 10005484_001 M6X12 DIN71752 A2 FORK LINK

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DIN 6885 A4 - Norway

2019-12-19 - Hello. I would like to get an offer for: DIN6885-A16x7x56, pcs: 4, mat: A4-70 DIN6885-A20x12x90, pcs: 4, mat:A4-70 DIN6885-A8x7x20, pcs: 2, mat: A4-70 DIN6885-A20x12x110, pcs: 2, mat: A4-70 DIN6885-A16x7x70, pcs: 1, mat: A4-70

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DIN 1478 - Norway

2019-10-04 - hello, we have to deliver turnbuckle pipe elements (to be used with threaded bars) M24 – pcs. 2 M30 – pcs. 2 M36 – pcs. 2 M42 – pcs. 2 M48 – pcs. 2 Steel S355, + certificates from producer. There would come ca. 5-8 pcs more, but I don’t know dimension right now. Delivery: Best would be Norway, alternative to Poland (if you do not deliver there).

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