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Hose Clamp - Australia

2020-02-19 - We are chasing a particular type of hose clamp. Can you advise if are able to supply the below? Hose Clamp 160-180mm 9mm thick Stainless Steel 316

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DIN 988 - Australia

2019-10-16 - We are seeking price and availability of the following items:, P/NO: DIN988-5X10X0,5-1.4301 CAGE: D8286 QTY: 50 PC P/NO: DIN988-5X10X0,1-1.4301 CAGE: D8286 QTY: 50 PC In your quote please detail the manufacturing CAGE code of the items offered, so that we can check to ensure they are a qualified manufacturing source. This is an URGENT request and an expedient reply would be appreciated. If you are able to assist, we need the following details: 1. Part Number to be supplied: 2. Cage Code/Mfr: 3. Condition: 4. Date of manufacture if applicable: 5. Shelf Life if applicable: Traceability if any: 6. Certification Provided: 7. Stock available & price breaks: 8. Warranty: 9. Lead time: 10. Price per item: 11. Payment Terms: 12. Payment methods accepted: We look forward to your response, and the possibility of working with you on this one. Responses are required today if possible.

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fasteners - Australia

2019-01-29 - Hi, I need the following please Threaded Insert NORM (STD ???) DIN 8140 - BM5X10 - A4 26 Weld Nut NORM (STD ???) DIN 929 - M6 - ST 1 Weld Nut NORM (STD ???) DIN 929 - M8 - ST 2 Bushing NORM (STD ???) VG 95659 - AM830 2 Corrosion Protective Oil (litre) NORM (STD ???) TL 9150-0078 - S-761 - - 1 Hex Nut NORM (STD ???) ISO 4035 - M12LH - 05-A3B 2

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