1. Contracting Parties

1.1 EU Fasteners Portal, s.r.o.

Reg. Address: Novobranská 532/20, Brno-město, 602 00 Brno

IN No.: 04264100

Account numbers:
2700853396/2010 – EUR
2700847279/2010 – CZK

Incorporated at the Regional Court in Brno under File No.:C 89072

(hereinafter referred to as the „Provider“)

1.2 The Enquiring Party

For the purposes of these terms and conditions a client will be understood to be any entity making a request via the www.fasteners.eu website (hereinafter referred to as the "Enquiring Party"). The following terms and conditions also apply to all users of the www.fasteners.eu website.

2. Service description

www.fasteners.eu provides procurement services in response to commercial requests for registered suppliers. This means a structured request sent by an Enquiring Party with the aim of finding suitable suppliers of goods and services. The service carries out control and distribution of relevant enquiries to selected registered suppliers, allowing access to company contacts in order to establish cooperation. The service is provided by EU Fasteners Portal, s.r.o.

Entering enquiries via the www.fasteners.eu website enables the Enquiring Party that submitted a request an easy, fast and efficient circulation of the enquiry to relevant suppliers obtaining a wide range of offers to choose from. After entering the enquiry, it is delivered to an operator, who publishes it within 1-2 working days on the website, circulating it to individual contractors who have purchased registration on www.fasteners.eu. The operator has the right to contact the Enquiring Party regarding supplementing or checking of the enquiry. However, the Provider enables commercial enquiries only as an independent entity acting between the Enquiring Party and suppliers, whereupon the contract itself (if closed) is only entered into by the Enquiring Party and the suitable supplier; if the Enquiring Party and the supplier resolve to enter into such contract it is purely at their own discretion. The Provider does not warrant that a contractual relationship will ensue between the Enquiring Party and the contractor and bears no responsibility towards the Enquiring Party whether, in what manner and with what result, will the supplier conduct negotiations regarding drafting of a contract.

For enquiries published on www.fastneners.eu contact information of the Enquiring Party is accessible only to suppliers registered in paid mode. After posting a request, contact information is stored in a database by means of a link that will be sent to you; you can always re-enter a new enquiry without the need of filling in any further contact details.

The entering of a request is free of charge, the Enquiring Party is not charged any fee by the Provider for registration and distribution to relevant suppliers.

Conditions of Enquiry Submission:

  • The request must be duly completed including contact information and description of the request must be completed with utmost care. The size of attachments to enquiries is limited. You can attach up to two files but neither of the files attached must exceed the size of 1MB
  • The request and contact information must be entered with complete veracity.
  • The primary concern of the Enquiring Party must be to find a suitable supplier for cooperation. The service must not be misused for market monitoring or other negative purposes.
  • The purpose of the enquiry must not be the concealed purpose of self-promotion and supply of own goods and services.
  • The Enquiring Party agrees with the disclosure of his contact details on the website www.fasteners.eu.
  • You hereby represent and warrant that (i) you own all rights in and to your User Content, (ii) if the User Content is subject to third party proprietary rights, you have all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to publish the User Content you submit and to grant the rights granted herein, including permission from all person(s) appearing in your User Content; (iii) you are not a minor, (iv) you are legally entitled to post the User Content, and the Licensed Parties’ use of your User Content as described herein will not violate the rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other proprietary rights, of any third party or any law. You are solely responsible for any User Content that you submit. You are legally liable for the User Content that you submit including, for example, material protected by copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret law or other proprietary rights laws without permission of the author or owner or subject featured in such submission, or defamatory comments.

3. Withdrawal from Contract

3.1 The Provider

The Provider may terminate the contract if the negotiations of the Enquiring Party are in breach of these terms and conditions, fair trade, good practice, violation of the interests of third parties, operator of a server and Conditions of Enquiry Submission. In the case of failure to comply with these obligations, the Provider reserves the right immediately to withdraw from the contract, not to circulate, and immediately delete of all of the Enquiring Party’s request.

3.2 The Enquiring Party

The Enquiring Party may ask for a termination of displaying his enquiry on the www.fasteners.eu website or do so himself through monitoring his enquiry. An enquiry which has already been sent out to suppliers, cannot be amended, modified or withdrawn.

4. Personal Details Protection

The Provider collects Enquiring Party’s personal data with their consent, especially name, address, contact details, company name and other information available through public registers. The above data is used for the procurement of commercial relationships between suppliers and Enquiring Parties.

The Provider has the right to send e-mail marketing messages to the Enquiring Party with news, special offers, advertisements, etc. The Enquiring Party has a right to opt out of commercial messages by means of the above-stated contacts or by responding to the marketing messages that were sent by e-mail.

The Provider transmits personal data only for the purpose of mediation of commercial requests.

Personal data may be changed at any time by the Enquiring Party.

5. Final Provisions

The operator does not guarantee a continuous operation of the system, error-free operation and system security. The Enquiring Party´s registration on the portal www.fasteners.eu is considered as an expression if his unconditional agreement to these terms and conditions. Other relationships and requirements, as well as the content of registration must not be in breach to generally applicable laws and related regulations.

The subject matter of these terms and conditions is to regulate the contractual relationship between the Provider and the Enquiring Party to provide services - mediation of commercial requests for registered suppliers. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract entered into by the Provider and the Enquiring Party.

Contractual relationship based on these terms and conditions is established between the Enquiring Party and the Provider by the moment of registration of the Enquiring Party on the portal www.fasteners.eu.

EU FastenersPortal, s.r.o. reserves the right to make changes to these Commercial Terms. Any change and its effectiveness will be published in an appropriate manner on the website www.fasteners.eu. – by this means the change is considered to be binding on the Enquiring Party. Within 14 days of notification of changes to the Commercial Terms and Conditions the Enquiring Party has an option to decline these changes to the Commercial Terms and Conditions and therefore terminate the contract in writing, with a notice period of one month running from the date on which the Provider receives the Enquiring Party´s notice.

Due to the free-of-charge nature of the services provided the Enquiring Party hereby waives any rights to compensation for damage incurred by him towards the Provider by providing services under contract or in connection with them, except for rights to compensation for injury caused to him by the Provider intentionally or by gross negligence.

The legal relationship between the Provider and the Enquiring Party is guided by the law of the Czech Republic. The Provider and the Enquiring Party will submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Czech courts, while the court having local jurisdiction is, in accordance with the agreement of the parties, the court having subject matter jurisdiction in whose jurisdiction lies the registered office of the Provider.

EU FastenersPortal Company s.r.o. does not vouch for the accuracy of information, including content as specified on the website www.fasteners.eu.

These terms and conditions are valid and effective from 01.09.2017.