Bolts and Screws
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fasteners - Bahrain

2019-08-07 - DIN1142-S16 - CLAMP, CABLE, 3EA DIN1445-18H11X35X55-ST-A3C - BOLT, 11X35X55, 20EA DIN931-M10X130-10.9-A3P - SCREW, H M10X130 931 10.9 DBL 8451.21, 50EA DIN7623-A3K A4 - BOLT, BANJO 6 7643 ST, 10EA DIN125-A6,4-140HV-A4 - WASHER, A6.4-140HV, 35EA DIN1481-4X24 - PIN, SPRING, 4X24, 50EA DIN7603-A10X14-CU - RING, SEALING, A10X14 7603 CU, 250EA DIN7603-A18X22-CU - RING, SEALING A18X22 7603 CU, 200EA DIN7603-A28X33-CU - RING, SEALING A28 X 33 7603 CU, 20EA

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Bolts and Nuts 30500pcs - Bahrain

2018-03-29 - the attached requirements have the details for our enquiry.. Please email with your offer.

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Inquiry DIN 912 12.9 - Bahrain

2018-01-16 - Good morning, Please quote your best price for the supply and delivery of items 1 THROUGH 3 of attached list. The following to be attached with your quotation: 1. Relevant drawings and catalogues 2 Any other documents to support the offer 3. Advise the delivery period 4. Your offer shall be valid for at least 90 days 5. Country of origin 6. Package expected gross weight, dimension and dispatch address complete with postal code. 7. Submit as optional freight and insurance charges to Bahrain. Your offer should be received on or before 23rd JANUARAY 2018 Regards, Dr. Mahmood

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