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DIN 988 - Shim rings and supporting rings - Sweden

2021-10-27 - I'm intrested in Ø8xØ14x1,5 mm (or if possible 3 mm thick). Can you please give me a estimated delivery time and price for 500 pcs? Best regards

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DIN 440V - Sweden

2020-10-26 - I would like to order 240 pieces of these washers size M12 please contact me if you want more information DIN 440 V - Washers with square holes for use in timber constructions Current norm: DIN 440V Equivalent norms: ISO 7094; CSN 021728;

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DIN 976 HDG, DIN 934 HDG, DIN 125 HDG - Sweden

2018-09-21 - Dear Supplier, Please quote according to below quantity: DIN 976 8.8 M24 x 2000 HDG 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs DIN 934 Cl.8 M24 HDG (ISO FIT) 1000pcs 3000pcs 6000pcs DIN 125 25x44x4 HDG 1000pcs 3000pcs 6000pcs

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