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Screw from drawing - Slovakia

2020-12-11 - screw M12x1,25x175 from the drawing of 27 540 pcs The subject of demand is the "alone" screw M12x1.25 - 6g - hexagon - 17 x 145 mm, production according to the drawing from mat. 15142.7 (tempered), without welded washer. We will secure the 3-leaf washer, which will be welded to the screw, ourselves incl. its welding. Alternatively, if you can produce and supply a screw incl. washers - as shown in the drawing - please send an offer for both alternatives. The washer may be of a material other than a screw, e.g. 11523. The annual requirement is 13,770 pieces and the order - the contract is concluded for 2 years. Thus, the total amount of 13,770 x 2 = 27,540 pcs. During this time, we require a fixed price. Alternatively, we can take the annual quantity with the municipality, that in a year the quantity will be repeated and the price will be maintained. Collection either once a year or quarterly, with the prov. would be for the whole annual quantity. Before starting series production, we require samples of about 35-40 pieces. Delivery dates: - 15.1.2020 - 300 pcs then 15.2, 15.3, 15.4 - approx. 1.150, - pcs / month or quarterly or one-time purchase - a matter of agreement.

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XDrive Framer SP, 1000hrs, Loose , 10g x 19mm - Slovakia

2020-10-14 - we are a Slovak construction company and we are looking for log cabins, which I mentioned above in large quantities. Detail in the appendix. Sincerely

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HR bolts EN14399-5 - Slovakia

2018-05-16 - HR bolts EN 14399-5 10.9 HDG M 24x100 9700 pcs + 1 nut + 2 washers M 20x70 9700 pcs + 1 nut + 2 washers M 30x110 2420 pcs + 1 nut + 2 washers

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