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DIN 15237 stainless A2 - Serbia

2020-06-09 - Our company is from Serbia and we are interested in products. Could you help us? We would like to receive offer for 2 products: Plate screws DIN15237 M10x35 stainless A2 - pcs 2600 Plate screws DIN15237 M10x45 stainless A2 - pcs 100 Together with offer please add: shipping cost if possible, bank details for payment Kind regards

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Inquiry for screws and nuts - Serbia

2018-10-08 - Good afternoon, we are company which produce steering and suspension parts for all vehicles , buses, trucks, and we use fasteners in our production. We are interested in your products and we are sending inquiry for nuts, screws, cotter pins and washers. In specification are our yearly qty. Expecting your estimated offer, best regards,

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