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Roof self-drilling screws - Romania

2020-09-08 - I am interested in buying from your factory 600 000 roof self-drilling screws with EPDM washer and the following specifications : - size: 4.8 x 35 - RAL 8017, 300 000 pieces - RAL 3011, 180 000 pieces - Zinc roof self-drilling screws, 120 000 pieces - quality certified for European Union (CE) = marking CE and declaration of performance (DOP) with the intended use: roof self-drilling screws for mounting metal sheets on wooden substrates - packaging by 12 boxes with 250 screws / box I attached 2 files: 1st is "roof-self drilling screws" where you can find a foto of the screws, 2nd is "label technical spec" where you can find further technical spec So I kindly ask you to provide me with your quotation per screw. I look to receiving your quotation as soon as possible. Thank you.

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