Inquiry: DIN 470 40 000pcs

The inquiry send on: 2021-11-22 06:41:04
Country of origin: Poland
Inquiry category: Washers
Inquiry status: Active

Please send me your best offer for DIN 470 acc. to drawing E0001193.A-P attached.

Material: steel acc. to DIN EN 10130, DIN EN 10139
Finish: plain
Critical characteristic: no burrs on surface, it is very important to keep tightness in assembly
Quantity: 42 000 pcs (3x14 000 pcs) or any quantity

Or please quote for

DIN 470 42 x 2 x 5,80 20 000 pcs
DIN 470 40 x 2 x 5,70 20 000 pcs

Looking forward to your offer asap. Thank you.

Best regards

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