Inquiry: DIN 6885 - Inquiry-no 26/8614

The inquiry send on: 2021-02-26 10:52:25
Country of origin: Germany
Inquiry category: Other fasteners
Inquiry status: Active

please find description and quantity below
HNS068850084 DIN6885 A10x8x25 C45+C 3.250pcs
HNS068850104 DIN6885 A10x8x45 St 73.788pcs
HNS068850018 DIN6885 A10x8x70 103.168pcs
HNS068850015 DIN6885 A12x8x32 St 3.250pcs
HNS068850039 DIN6885 A12x8x90 15.301pcs
HNS068850035 DIN6885 A14x9x70 13.000pcs
HNS068850034 DIN6885 A14x9x90 St 48.750pcs
HNS068850120 DIN6885 A16x10x90 57.298pcs
HNS068850188 DIN6885 A18x11x110 C45+C 650pcs
HNS068850123 DIN6885 A18x11x90 ST 1.300pcs
HNS068850186 DIN6885 A2x2x10 S 32.500pcs
HNS068850206 DIN6885 A32x18x180 C45K/1.0503 325pcs
HNS068850020 DIN6885 A3x3x12 23.400pcs
HNS068850131 DIN6885 A5x5x16 St 39.000pcs
HNS068850121 DIN6885 A5x5x20 C45K 6.500pcs
HNS068850101 DIN6885 A5x5x22 ST 71.500pcs
HNS068850094 DIN6885 A6x6x22 C45+C 7pcs
HNE068850034 DIN6885 A10x8x45 A4 (1.4571) 650pcs
HNE068850017 DIN6885 A6x6x32 A4 (1.4571) 650pcs
HNS068850072 DIN6885 A6x6x32 St 144.248pcs
HNS068850083 DIN6885 A8x7x30 3.250pcs
HNS068850185 DIN6885 A8x7x32 13.000pcs
HNE068850013 DIN6885 A8x7x40 A4 (1.4571) 650pcs
HNS068850019 DIN6885 A8x7x40 ST 252.525pcs
HNS068850199 DIN6885 AB12x8x50 St 3.250pcs
HNS068850202 DIN6885 AB8x7x18 St 12.942pcs
HNS068850189 DIN6885 B5x5x20 S

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