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The inquiry send on: 2018-03-28 13:07:48
Country of origin: British Indian Ocean Territory
Inquiry category: Pins
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Good morning,
Hope you can help.
I am looking dowel pin medical tool grade material (not implant grade).
Material AISI 304 medical grade with certificate.
Standard – ASTM F899 / ISO 7153 (see copy att.)
Hardness – Full Hard
Finishing – (Pls. advise)
1. Dowel pin ISO 2338 Din 7 - Dia. 1.0mm h8 Tol. * 5mm length,
2. Dowel pin ISO 2338 Din 7 - Dia. 1.0mm m6 Tol. * 3mm length,
QTY: 250, 500, 1000 and 2000pce each item
Pls. be adv. that those items use in medical device (open surgery, the device comes in contact with open tissue) all materials need stay on Medical Standard of ASTM F899 / ISO 7153 + certificates.
As long material AISI 304 stay on chemistry ASTM F899 / ISO 7153 (see copy att. table 5) and It will also be written on material certificate / QC report it fine by us.
If you can Pls. add to your offer material COC
Thx, & B.R.

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