Inquiry: Screws

The inquiry send on: 2020-05-30 13:10:40
Country of origin: India
Inquiry category: Bolts and Screws
Inquiry status: Active

Sr. No. Material Material Description Required Qty.
1 SBA116060/0500S SCREW/Screw, ISO 14583, M6X50,Stainless 16
2 SBA116030/0100S SCREW/SCREW M 3X10, 50ppm, ISO14583, A4- 58
3 78/SBA902030/0080A SCREW/SCREW MRT M 3X8 ST FZB-AUTO ISO145 116
4 78/SBA902040/0200 SCREW/SCREW MRT M 4X20 ST FZB-AUTO 162
5 SBA116030/0080 SCREW/SCREW MRT ISO14583, M 3X8 D1=6.0 S 56
6 SBA116030/0120 SCREW/SCREW MRT ISO14583, M 3X12 D1=6.0 8

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