Inquiry: fasteners

The inquiry send on: 2019-08-06 15:33:22
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Inquiry category: Bolts and Screws
Inquiry status: Active
Warning! This inquiry is more than 150 days old and could be expired.

Quotation for EU fasteners, need to originated in EU
- Split pin, 8mm х 50mm: 800 pcs, DIN 94
- O ring 150mm x 5.3mm: 800 pcs
- Spring washer M8: 6400 pcs, DIN 127
- Bolt M8 x 16mm: 6400 pcs, DIN 933
- Lube fitting M6 *1mm: 800 pcs, straight
- Lube fitting M8*1mm, 45 degree: 800 pcs
- Circlip 38mm, per shaft: 800 pcs, DIN 471
- Bolt M10 x 30mm: 3200 pcs, DIN 933
- O ring ф 39.7mm x 3.55mm: 3200 pcs
- Spring washer M10: 3 200 pcs, DIN 127
- Nut M10: 3200 pcs, DIN 934
- Circlip 42 mm x 1.75mm, per shaft: 800 pcs, DIN 471
- Flange nut M22* 1.5mm: 8000 pcs
- Lubricating cover M8: 800 pcs
- Lubrication cover M6, H1R or H1B: 800 pcs
- Camshaft oil Seal, 50.8mm х 41.1mm x 5mm: 1600 pcs

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