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DIN 7340 - Spain

2019-03-11 - Good morning I'm looking for Tubular Rivets DIN 7340: 100 pcs 4x12mm type A 100 pcs 3x16mmt type B Thank you.

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DIN 7340A Stainless steel - Spain

2018-01-22 - please inform where to get: - DIN7340, Stainless steel, 8x1x20mm, Form A, 200 pcs. thanks and regards

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Weld nut, rivet nut - 1.9mil. pcs - Spain

2017-10-03 - Good Morning, We are in a nomination phase of a very important project for us and I need to know if you could please send us quotation for the attached fasteners in very short perios of time. For a couple of parts, some information is still missing. I will try to get asap. Please try to get DDP and FCA prices from the fasteners. For any question please do not hesitate in contact me…

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