Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Fasteners - Bosnia and Herzegovina

2022-11-10 - Hex.Bolt M10x25, DIN 931, HDG 10,00 pcs Hex. Bolt M16x55, DIN 931, HDG 25,00 pcs Hex.Bolt M20x70, DIN 931,HDG 50,00 pcs Nut M10, DIN 934,HDG 10,00 pcs Nut M16, DIN 934,HDG 25,00 pcs Nut M20, DIN 934,HDG 50,00 pcs Washer M10, DIN 125, HDG 20,00 pcs Washer M16, DIN 125, HDG 50,00 pcs Washer M20, DIN 125, HDG 100,00 pcs

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fasteners - Bosnia and Herzegovina

2018-05-21 - Good morning, We are interesting in import in Bosnia and Herzegovina fasteners in accordance with attached list. Regards,

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fasteners inquiry - Bosnia and Herzegovina

2018-01-07 - Our company, is interesting in import of bolts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please send your offer in accordance with the attached list. Regards, Sead Keco Marketing manager

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