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Polite UAB

Dzuku street 2
Vilnius, 02163

Fasteners supplier ...

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Westbolt - Arnelitos prekyba UAB

Kalvarijos g. 19
Kaunas, LT-46348

"Arnelitos" prekyba – a wholesaler of fasteners -bolts DIN931, 933 -EN15048-1 non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies; -screws DIN912 -bolts DIN603 -washers DIN9021, DIN125, DIN127 -nuts DIN934 -nuts ...

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PLAMEGA Uzdaroji akcine bendrove

Metalistu g. 7
Siauliai, 78120

Plastic and metal goods. Stamped steel components for furniture and machine production. Plastic details moulding by injection. ...

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METALO PREKYBA Uzdaroji akcine bendrove

V.Bielskio g. 32a
Siauliai, 5419

Wholesale and retail trade in ferrous sheet and profile metals, metal goods, fixing components metal treatment tools and equipments. ...

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VECTOR IR KO Uzdaroji akcine bendrove

Naglio g. 4a
Kaunas, 52367

Trade in electricity instrument and addition, strengthering detail, ventilation chimney for plaining and sloping roof. ...

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