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Bolt, Gaskets and Handles - Saudi Arabia

2020-10-13 - Please find the below list of material and request you to kindly quote your best price at the earliest. Kindly confirm if any of your authorized dealer available in Saudi Arabia, if not kindly confirm if it is possible to deliver the material to Saudi Arabia. Attached drawings, specification and data sheet attached for reference. Description Specification Material Grade Size Qty Eye Bolt DIN444B-M16X110 700 Disc CW612N (CuZn39Pb2) 044X4 700 Split Pin DIN EN ISD 1234-2.5X24 A2-70 700 Hexagon Head Bolt - Product Grades A & B ISO 4014 - M24 X 120 St 8.8 hat dip galv 350 Slotted Hex Nut DIN 935 T1 - M24 Steel, Mild 350 Bolt 1.4301 (X5CrNX18-10) 016X55 700 Split Pin DIN EN ISO 1234 - 5X 42 A2-70 350 Washer DIN 125 a A 25 Messing 700 Gasket 2544X20X20 175 Handle 1.4301 (X5CrNX18-10) 700 Regards

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DIN 186 A 4.6 M30x220mm 124pcs - Saudi Arabia

2017-09-30 - Dear Please quote us with your best price and delivery time for the following; DIN 186 A 4.6 M30x220mm 124pcs More information see atachment Best Regard’s

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