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bolts - Albania

2020-03-27 - Please send me an offer for references from producer Emile-Maurin with reference:78300V0826216EK8 Quantity: 1000 Pcs reference: 622313X8 Quantity: 1000 Pcs reference: 214216X16 Quantity: 1000 Pcs

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ISO 4028 - Albania

2019-09-18 - Good afternoon, We are looking forward to cooperating with your company for these products : screw M12x25 ( 300 pcs ) We are participating on a tender in Albania and we need some documents from you. 1- We need an offer 2- MAF (find attached ) 3- Catalog of the product 4- ISO standard 4028. 5- ISO standard Can you offer to us those product ? I am waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance.

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rope clamps - Albania

2019-02-25 - I am interested for wire rope clamps M40 in the quantity 1690 pieces. please contact me

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